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Why Organic?


Introducing Organic Fashion

What this means for you:
Organic cotton is the highest quality cotton.

Growing conventional cotton accounts for almost 25% of the insecticides in the world. Combine that with the chemicals used in conventional cotton production, and the result is harmful pollution and unhealthy farming conditions. 100% organic cotton clothing is produced without the use of any chemicals—starting in the fields and continuing through manufacturing. Throughout the entire process, the cotton is planted, harvested, and handled with care that makes a difference. Hand picking and the absence of chemicals contribute to cotton fiber that is much stronger and softer than that produced by traditional means. The result? A product pure and soft on your baby’s skin that is healthier and more economical for cotton farmers to grow, one that has significantly less impact on the environment.


Organic also means we know the people in our supply chain are treated safely and fairly.

We stand behind the individuals who are behind Pink Elephant organic cotton. We care about those who work hard every day to produce the purest cotton for Pink Elephant. Many of them are moms and dads who want the best for their kids, just like we do. We are confident they’re making a fair wage – 100% sweatshop free.


We take organic one step further.

The reason our founder, Sudhir, created Pink Elephant is because he couldn’t find a fashionable, organic option. As the team of moms who have helped him create, launch and manage Pink Elephant, we love purchasing organic clothing for our kids, because it’s pure, high-quality and comfortable. But we also love fashion. Until now, we’ve constantly had to choose one or the other – organic or fashion. Like many of you, when we say we want the best for our kids, we don’t want to make concessions. We want both. When we couldn’t find it, we put our fashion industry experience to work and created it.


You want the best for your kids. We make it possible. And affordable.

Often, organic clothing comes with high price tags that don’t offer value for parents. We’re sensitive to that. That’s why we cut out the middle man – you won’t find any Pink Elephant storefronts or racks at retail stores. When we put the final embellishments on our clothing, we sell it online – straight from us to you – giving us the ability to offer unmatched clothing at great prices, so you can afford the best for your kids.