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Kids: Make sure to get a parent’s permission before making any of Elsie’s Crafts!

Ahnika and I are avid crafters and enjoy making many projects together. Here is how to make your very own Elsie the Pink Elephant with supplies you probably already have around your house!

1. Gather your supplies:

– toilet paper tube or paper towel tube
– pink paper (any paper will work – even left-over wrapping paper!)
– white paint (make sure it’s washable for the kiddos!)
– glue
– black marker (I have a permanent marker shown here - DO NOT let kids use this – I unfortunately speak from experience)

Craft materials

2. If you are using a paper towel tube, cut it in half.

Cutting the paper towel tube

3. Use the length of your tube as a guide to mark on the pink paper. Cut out a rectangle that is long enough to wrap all the way around the tube.

Roll paper on tube

4. Attach the pink paper to the tube. I used double sided tape.

Use double sided tape

Let me take a moment to profess my love for double-sided tape. I looove this sticky-on-both-sides marvel that easily dispenses because it is fast, effective, and has no dry time. What’s better than minimizing clean-up and instant gratification? When crafting with a toddler – not much!

Tape paper to tube

5. Draw out your ears. What’s that you say? Not an expert elephant ear artist? Worry not, for you can make a perfect ear shape by drawing a large capital “B.” Make sure to leave a tab for attaching them to Elsie’s head!

Draw letter B for ears

6. Using the black marker, outline the inside portion of the ear. Fill in with white paint.

Paint ears white Ahnika painting
7. Cut a rectangle from the pink paper approximately 3/4" x 5" for the trunk. Fold accordion style.

Fold trunk

8. Attach ears and trunk to the body using glue or double-sided tape.

9. Glue on the googly eyes.

Glue the eyes

10. Optional – use paint and marker to create eyebrows and/or toes for Elsie.

Create eyebrows and toes

11. Let dry and play with your new friend! Ahnika and I used our Elsie the Elephants as puppets.

Ahnika and Elsie

Note to parents: When crafting with Ahnika, I like to let her do as much as she can independently. I prep some of the pieces for her ahead of time, and let her cut, paint, and glue as much as she is able. Here is a picture of how I prepped ahead for Ahnika to complete the Elsie craft!

Materials prepped for Ahnika