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How to Make a Fairy Garden with Your Kids

Pink Elephant Fairy Garden Craft Elsie's Corner1.Choose your container. Large or small? Terra cotta, plastic or porcelain? Unless you are only going to use moss plants, you’ll need a container with a drainage hole for watering. If you’re only using moss you can use any vessel.

2. Choose your plants and purchase the right type of soil. Preferably stick to one type of plant. Herbs, succulents or florals that all require similar watering and sunlight. I love succulents because they are so darn cute and really hard to kill! Herbs are great too, so your fairy garden can serve a dual purpose! Another thing about herbs and tiny succulents – they are affordable and seem to be readily available everywhere, including grocery stores.

3. Choose a spot for the garden. The place you choose will depend on how much light your plants will need.

4. Imagine the foundation for your garden – will it be elaborate with a house(s), watering holes, pathways? Or will it be a simple fairy with a chair and some accessories?

5. Collect your fairy items. There are numerous websites that sell everything and anything you could ever want or imagine for a fairy garden – Etsy and are two places to start. You can buy fairy houses, tire swings, pets, ponds and even fairy food. You can make it as elaborate as you want! BUT You don’t have to spend a lot of money! Your fairy garden can consist of toy figurines from your child’s playroom and they don’t have to be actual fairies. My son recently suggested a PAW Patrol fairy garden – we would have all we need for that. You can have your child collect coins, bottle caps, wine corks (maybe you already collect those). You can also have a craft session and paint popsicle sticks and add cut outs or stickers, pompoms, rhinestones – you name it, it’s all fair(y) game!

6. Map out your garden. Once you have collected all you need, decide where you will place the plants and other large items.

Pink Elephant Young boy does Fairy Garden Craft7. Plant your garden. This is such a fun opportunity for kids to get their hands dirty and learn a little about plants needing soil and water.

8. Accessorize! The best part of the fairy garden is adding all of the finishing touches. Let your child take control of where he or she wants to place all the little treasures you’ve been busy collecting!

9. Visit your garden and take care of it by watering it with your child!

10. ENJOY!