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Baking on Sunday mornings is a special bonding time for Ahnika (the Original Pink Elephant Girl) and me. Those lazy mornings provide a much-needed break from routine when we lounge in pajamas and enjoy making (and eating) a special treat together. I have many fond memories of baking with my mother, and I am delighted to share similar experiences with my daughter.

Our new Pink Elephant Organics cupcake print pajamas provided some sweet inspiration for these delicious breakfast baked goodies. This cinnamon swirled muffin-cupcake hybrid provides a fresh spin on traditional cinnamon roll flavors. If you are like us, you will enjoy the aroma of cinnamon wafting through the house just as much as you will relish biting into this sweet confection.

The crumb on this "cake" is really more muffin like and not too sweet. The cinnamon swirl provides a burst of bright flavor.

A rich cinnamon buttercream icing was the perfect compliment to this cupcake, making it feel even more indulgent and special. A hint of cream cheese provides just the right amount of tartness, and is reminiscent of the frosting traditionally served on cinnamon buns.