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SPOTLIGHT: ORGANIC LEMONS (the design, the drink recipes, the health benefits)

Posted on in Blog by Liz Kakar

Our adorable lemon print from our summer collection has been the subject of many conversations...

Cupcakes for Breakfast

Posted on in Blog by Liz Kakar

Baking on Sunday mornings is a special bonding time for Ahnika (the Original Pink Elephant Girl) and me.

Sea Florals: The Making Of.

Posted on in Blog by Courtney Coughlin

Have you ever wondered how we create our prints? In addition to creating prints and designs in house, we also commission several artists from around the globe to create unique pieces of art that we transfer onto our clothing.

Why Organic?

Posted on in Blog by Courtney Coughlin

From baby #1 to baby #3 (and beyond), a lot of moms find themselves following a pattern. Perfection (or close to it) is often the goal at first, but it doesn’t take long for reality to set in.

Creativity Reawakened After Having Kids (and Coffee)

Posted on in Blog by Jackie Benson

Hello! I'm Jackie, and I'm so thrilled to be a guest blogger for Pink Elephant Organics, an amazing eco-conscious clothing company that I've had the privilege of collaborating with for their children's clothing line.

Greetings from a Pink Elephant Mom

Posted on in Blog by Liz Kakar

Hello fellow parents and caregivers! Thank you for checking out our blog. Here at Pink Elephant Organics, we want to celebrate YOU and your little ones. Being a parent is the most fun, frustrating, crazy, special, wonderful thing in the whole world. You may have heard the common phrase, “it takes a village to raise a child’ – we would love to be a part of YOUR village.

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