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100% organic. 100% comfort. 100% fashion.

…Brought to you by an ambitious team wanting the very best for their kids. And for yours.

All grandfathers want the best for their grandchildren – but this grandfather went one step further, teaming up with some ambitious moms to create Pink Elephant and share their best with the world.

In 2013, a baby girl named Ahnika was born. Her grandfather, the owner of a successful woman’s clothing company, was on a mission to find the highest quality, most comfortable, fashionable clothing for her. He didn’t find anything that lived up to his expectations. So, he paired his passion for his family with his apparel expertise to create a better option for little ones like Ahnika.

Little did Ahnika know – her birth would inspire a whole new approach to girl’s clothing. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

We know #MomLife because we live it every day.
As a grandfather and a team of moms, we know that as a parent, you want high-quality, comfortable clothing for your kids. That’s what we provide. The best part is our comfort comes with a fashionable, organic twist.

When it comes to quality, we use the highest quality cotton – organic cotton.
When Sudhir, our founder, began searching for clothing for his first granddaughter, he was looking for the things we all care about – quality, comfort and fashion. He discovered that not only is organic cotton the highest quality cotton, but also that there was an untapped market in the U.S. for this type of clothing.

We make fashion synonymous with comfort and affordability.
As moms, we know comfort is #1, but the frills and sparkles are fun too… For every stylish embellishment we add to our clothing, we go through great lengths to ensure comfort for your little one isn’t sacrificed.

Our Team
Sudhir Kakar, Founder.The first time Sudhir held his granddaughter, Ahnika, he knew it was the beginning of something special.When Ahnika was born, Sudhir—the owner of a successful woman’s clothing company—began searching for fashionable infant clothing for his first granddaughter. In his search, he noticed many European apparel brands touting the benefits of clothing made with organic fibers. Curious, and determined to find the best clothing for his granddaughter, he did some of his own research and discovered the many benefits of organic clothing for children.Unfortunately, his search for fashionable organic infant clothing in the United States was difficult—he had trouble finding clothes to fit the bill. And so, combining his passion of being a new grandfather with his experience in the fashion industry, Pink Elephant was born.Sudhir has been in the fashion industry for over 35 years—in the past ten years alone, he has managed the production of over 25 million pieces of clothing. Courtney Coughlin, Creative Director & Head of Merchandising.Courtney is living her dream of being a working-at-home mom to her two sons, Chase and Drew. With a third baby boy on the way, working in the land of little girls fashion is truly this boy-mom’s dream come true!She made the decision many working moms do and left job after a decade in the retail industry to take on a full-time career as a mom. As a buyer for leading national retailer, she and Sudhir had worked together in women’s fashion, and after a few years she moved into girls’ clothing. Courtney thought Sudhir would be able to make beautiful clothing for girls and asked if he would consider entering the market. The first item of girls clothing they created together was a fashion t-shirt with an elephant on it –an unknown precursor of what was to come.When Sudhir began forming his team to create Pink Elephant, he asked Courtney to join him. She now works mainly from her home in Massachusetts and travels to Pink Elephant headquarters in Manhattan a couple times per month.
 Liz Kakar, Head of Operations.Liz shares a dream that many mothers do—balancing her dream job with being a mom.As mom to Ahnika and her new baby brother Vinayak, Liz wants clothing that is comfortable and healthy for her kids. As a woman with a sense of fashion, she loves a smart piece of children’s clothing with stylish embellishments. Pink Elephant gives the best of both worlds—bringing fashion to organic clothing. She’s excited to play a part in creating a fun, fashionable, comfortable, organic children’s clothing line that she can share with mothers across the country. After all, who knows comfort better than moms? She wants what’s best for her kids – and for your kids, too.For the past seven years, Liz has been managing production, sales, design and logistics teams in the fashion industry.

Katie Ryder, Head Designer & Manager of Operations.

Katie has had a passion for kids from the start—she nannied her way through design school.

She may not have kids of her own yet, but Katie has been a second mom to several children. She’s had a passion for kids ever since she took on her very first babysitting job—and went on to nanny to support herself through college and took a full-time nanny position before moving to NYC to work with a women’s clothing line. One of the moms she nannied for even hired her to make her kids’ summer clothing, giving Katie the opportunity to create and designed her very own handmade children’s clothing line that was tested by kids.

Through her experience, she gained firsthand insight to what parents (and kids!) want in their clothing—primarily comfort and quality. Combining that with her education in apparel design and eco-friendly practices, and her love of cute, tiny prints and embellishments, Pink Elephant is a true passion project for her.

Why Organic Cotton?

Introducing Organic Fashion

What this means for you:

Organic cotton is the highest quality cotton.
Growing conventional cotton accounts for almost 25% of the insecticides in the world. Combine that with the chemicals used in conventional cotton production, and the result is harmful pollution and unhealthy farming conditions.

100% organic cotton clothing is produced without the use of any chemicals—starting in the fields and continuing through manufacturing. Throughout the entire process, the cotton is planted, harvested, and handled with care that makes a difference. Hand picking and the absence of chemicals contribute to cotton fiber that is much stronger and softer than that produced by traditional means. And, our Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certification ensures the highest quality of organic fibers.

The result? A product pure and soft on your baby’s skin that is healthier and more economical for cotton farmers to grow, one that has significantly less impact on the environment.

Organic also means we know the people in our supply chain are treated safely and fairly.

We stand behind the individuals who are behind Pink Elephant organic cotton.

We care about those who work hard every day to produce the purest cotton for Pink Elephant. Many of them are moms and dads who want the best for their kids, just like we do. Our Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certification also ensures that they have safe working conditions, work reasonable hours and are fairly compensated for their efforts. We are confident they’re making a fair wage – 100% sweatshop free.

We take organic one step further.

The reason our founder, Sudhir, created Pink Elephant is because he couldn’t find a fashionable, organic option. As the team of moms who have helped him create, launch and manage Pink Elephant, we love purchasing organic clothing for our kids, because it’s pure, high-quality and comfortable. But we also love fashion.

Until now, we’ve constantly had to choose one or the other – organic or fashion. Like many of you, when we say we want the best for our kids, we don’t want to make concessions. We want both. When we couldn’t find it, we put our fashion industry experience to work and created it.

You want the best for your kids. We make it possible. And affordable.

Often, organic clothing comes with high price tags that don’t offer value for parents. We’re sensitive to that. That’s why we cut out the middle man – you won’t find any Pink Elephant storefronts or racks at retail stores. When we put the final embellishments on our clothing, we sell it online – straight from us to you – giving us the ability to offer unmatched clothing at great prices, so you can afford the best for your kids.

Social Responsibility

Pink Elephant Organics is committed to social and environmental responsibility. Just by making a purchase with us you are helping to support the fight against child labor & human trafficking and support the health and well-being of consumers, industry workers and our environment.

To help further support our cause, a portion of proceeds goes towards charities that help children and wildlife.

Foundations we support include (but not limited to): Save the Elephants, Children’s Hospitals, St. Judes, Make a Wish Foundation, Save the Children.


We are a fair trade organization with a traceable supply chain. We follow strict equitable trade practices at every level. Our materials are GOTS certified. Our manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly and socially responsible. We pay fair trade prices and submit to rigorous audits.

   Pink Elephant clothing is 100% Sweatshop Free. We guarantee that our clothing was made by willing adults who are paid fair wages in above standard working conditions.
 Pink Elephant clothing is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, which is the world’s leading standard for organic fibers, including environmental and social standards.
Contributing Artists

Pink Elephant is proud to collaborate with various artists around the globe. Each bringing a unique perspective and aesthetic to enhance our brand. In addition to utilizing our very own in-house artist, O’mara, we commission outside “Contributing Artists” to create unique and proprietary pieces  of art that are used on our garments.

The creations by each of these impressive women (who are mostly Moms) are intended to inspire you and your child, give you a chance to tell your own story with our clothing line, and let your imagination run wild.

Jackie Benson, Contributing ArtistHello! I’m Jackie. I live on the beautiful Central Coast of California with my husband, two toddlers, and dog. After having children 21 months apart, I found that I enjoyed spending nap time (theirs not mine) creating whimsical and dreamy watercolors for nurseries and children’s spaces. Now I work from home selling custom and original artwork on Etsy and Facebook. I hope you enjoy my creations! Thérèse Cilia, Contributing ArtistThérèse Cilia is a painter and illustrator whose whimsical and detailed work finds a home in children’s books, fine art prints, stationery, fabric design and commissions. She obtained her BFA in 2007 at OCAD University, in Toronto. In 2012, she turned a two-week artist retreat in Newfoundland into a year-long residence in Bonavista, where she began illustrating her first children’s book, Over by the Harbour, with Flanker Press in St. John’s. Bullet the New Steam Engine is their second collaboration. Thérèse is inspired by stories of the human spirit, the natural world, and an obsession with artist’s materials and paper products. She currently lives in Belleville, Ontario, where she has just launched her third picture book Keeper of the Light by Formac Publishing.Thérèse recently received an Arts Recognition Award from the Quinte Arts Council for her contribution to the arts.
Kelly Cramer, Contributing ArtistKelly lives in sunny Central Queensland Australia, with her husband, two small boys and their dog. After a number of years working for graphic design agencies and then teaching, she now works freelance from her home studio on special projects for clients all over the country and internationally. Her work can be seen on Etsy, TheHungryJpeg and a number of other design websites as well as the upcoming children’s book “Mishu” by Anita Green.

Katie Ntasios, Photographer

Katie is the owner of Flutter By Moments Photography has created beautiful children’s portraiture for families located Metrowest of Boston. Recognized for her perfection of natural light photography indoors and out, she also has created a haven for her clients in her studio. Located in the Saxonville Historic Mill, Katie shines amongst her artist community, providing a tailored boutique experience by creating images that showcase a child or family’s personality.

Beyond being a photographer, she envisions herself as a storyteller. “Anyone can take a picture; I want to tell a story about who your child is.” Each experience is authentic from start to finish; Katie uses a custom approach to create the most timeless portraits.

Her philanthropic spirit also allows her to provide gifted gestures with her photography to help families who may have faced a difficult loss as they entered parenthood or a celebration of a child after a sensitive experience.

Recently, she has been inspired to organically expand her portfolio and develop her skills into children’s clothing and fashion photography. Katie’s work has been featured in multiple publications throughout the Boston area.

Sarah Wallis, Contributing ArtistHi there, I live in Newcastle, Australia with my husband, two crazy but adorable kids and one naughty Labrador. I create bright and happy art and I absolutely love all things handmade.

O’mara Royo, In house Graphic & Fashion Designer

O’mara is Pink Elephant’s in-house Graphic and Fashion Designer. She graduated at the top her class from design school in Palma De Mallorca (Spain) and was rewarded Best Young Spanish Designer in 2013. Upon graduation, she moved to China to gain a deeper understanding of the fashion industry.

Living in Southeast Asia but frequently traveling to Europe (her home) and New York (Pink Elephant Headquarters), O’mara is able to combine a diverse array of inspiration from cultural influences, to create pieces of art which become children’s clothing designs!

Always driven by the wish of making you and your children enjoy each day together, she looks forward to continuing to enhance Pink Elephant’s collections.